Water Street Church of Christ


      The land on which the Water Street Church of Christ building stands was acquired February 15, 1913.  The land was bought from a Mr. B.F. Dunnaway by Mr’s  W.E. Hicks, Will Hooper and Graham Egerton for a sum of $75.00. They paid $25.00 down and the remainder was placed on two (2) equal promissory notes of $25.00 each.

     It is stated in the original property deed that the land was to be used for a house of worship, using only what is ordered and required in the NEW TESTAMENT.

          The original structure was built by brothers W.E. Hicks and J.T. Hicks shortly after the acquisition of the land. The building is built of all yellow poplar, it is said that Mr. W.E. Hicks inspected every load of lumber from the mill, if it failed his standards it was threw out.

     Originally, there were two front entrances under the bell tower, one facing north and the other east. Robert Hicks, a teenager, worked inside the bell tower nailing lumber because he was the only worker thin enough to fit inside.

     The building was originally heated with two cast iron stoves, located in the front of the building on the left and right of the middle pews. Mr. W.E. Hicks handcrafted those original pews that were used up until around 1960.

    Between 1913 and 1947, visiting preachers would come to Water Street about twice a month to preach. In 1947 Mr. Grover Stevens became our first located preacher. In 1967 Mr. Robert Cullom came to Water Street and is still our preacher to this day.

          This building has been home to many wonderful people over the years and we hold a debt of gratitude to those who saw a need for a place to worship. Even though we know that the Church is not a building but rather the people, we are thankful for this wonderful old building.

     Our average attendance is around 180 for Sunday morning worship. Our outreach programs include a food pantry, meals-on-wheels, Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Food Baskets. In addition we also support several local and foreign missionary fields.


Our church without some of the additions.